Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

On October 18, 2018 United Way Central Plains made a donation to the Children’s Dance Program run by the Portage and District Arts Centre.

The Dance Program was created in response to a need for the children in our community to lead healthy lifestyles. One important component to a healthy lifestyle is exercise, like dancing. Dance has long been associated with health benefits that include improvements to flexibility, balance, muscle tone, posture, and weight. Dance has also been shown to improve memory and concentration and can help relieve stress and depression.

The cost to register a child in the dance program does not cover all of the costs associated with running the program. The Portage and District Arts Centre wants to keep costs low for families to ensure every child has the opportunity to dance.  The Portage and District Arts Centre works with our Agency Partners; Child and Family Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters and ROK central to ensure funding is available for children who need it.

They applied for funding through our Community Response Grant Program. We are proud to be able to provide them with $2,500 and hope to be able to provide ongoing financial support in the future.

Dance Program Donation
United Way Central Plains donated $2,500 to the Portage & District Arts Centre Dance Program.


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